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Line break on number listed lines

hi community,

i am writing a thesis paper and this is my first time to fully utilise OOo Writer.

i am very happy with the product but i have some limitations to its usage for i am not sure if certain features exist.

what i am asking is a feature not existing with MS Word. it is basically a formatting issue i have with the format we use in our thesis. our thesis' chapter heading is formatted like this (must be centre aligned):

Chapter 1


what i want is Chapter 1 as a number format and INTRODUCTION as the content. i have not found a solution with Writer so far. this is how Writer and Word shows it:

Chapter 1 Introduction



the reason why i wanted to ask this is to be able to utilise the table of contents feature of the program later on when i will be completing the paper (and also other papers). in the table of contents hopefully it will appear in this manner:

Chapter 1

 INTRODUCTION ................................ 1
     Background of the Study ................. 3
     Scope and Limitation of the Study ....... 4

Chapter 2

 AND CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK .................... 5
     Related Literature and Studies .......... 6

is this feature, of inserting a line breaker within the number formatted list without inserting another number, possible with Writer?

note: i don't know why there seems to be some colour formatting in the example but somehow close to that.

thanks in advance