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Why is "clone formatting" almost useless?

So I am a very capable user of MSWord; been formatting large and complex docs on that platform for decades. I've switched to LO and am really excited about moving quickly away from MS.

I've been having a good time with writer and don't complain too much about its differences. I really appreciate the considerable effort that has been sustained over the last several years to move the product along. What escapes me is that the FORMATTING PAINTBRUSH, or CLONE FORMATTER doesn't do what I think it is supposed to do.

Here is a typical scenario. I'm formatting a short document that I have typed and I don't bother setting up and using styles. Instead I simply get a paragraph set with the font, size, line spacing, etc. I want to use the PAINTBRUSH or CLONE tool to copy the formatting that I have from that paragraph to the others in the document. About all I get is the font size, or so it seems.

Why doesn't this tool take ALL of my formatting values, not just changes but ALL OF THE VALUES, and then apply them to what gets painted?

I think I read somewhere that I can contort fingers to perform some OPTION-CONTROL-BACKWARDS-TRIPLE-LINDY-CLICK when using this tool and I'll get more than the default.

Without getting everything, this tool is useless for me. What gives? Can I permanently fix this?