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Base Form - Searchbox selection to trigger population of other fields

I'm trying to create a database to keep track of in and outgoing stock of our business. I have created a mysql database on our server and used LO as a frontend. I created three tables:

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Products
  3. Stock Change

I need to create a form in which to enter each in and outgoing stock movement. For each such event a couple of fields need to be filled in: SKU, Name, Barcode, Date, Qty in, Qty out. The product can be identified either by SKU or Barcode, so I need to have the SKU and barcode field to show relevant results while typing. Once the wanted product shows up and is selected I want the other other fields to be populated with the information belonging to this product.

I managed to find out how to make the text box a autocomplete search box using the "combo box" option. I need to find a way that the choice of SKU will autopoplulate the other fields. How would I go about that?