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How secure is LibreOffice when using password protect?

First off, I'm just an "average" home user, so I don't know too much - take it easy on me.

I can't find any information about password protecting calc and/or LO text documents. I'm assuming you can, but are they encrypted securely? I don't simply want the ability to set a password if they can be easily cracked. Also, I'm talking about password protecting specific documents/spreadsheets not the office suit itself - don't care to do that.

Stuff you don't need to read: My computer was recently stolen. On that computer I have almost most of my website passwords in a password protected MS Excel spreadsheet (don't worry, sensitive website passwords like banks,, hosting, etc.. where put in the spreadsheet in a way only I would understand).

I now have purchased a new computer, but my Office 2010 will not activate. It says I have activated too many times, or some mumbo jumbo; I'm thinking about switching over to either LibreOffice or OpenOffice.