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Writer: how to override "next style" when typing?

I heavily use the Next Style feature in the Organizer tab of paragraph style definition. This is a great tool for automating paragraph style transition and save typing time.

However, sometimes, there is a need for several paragraphs of the "first" style before switching to the "next".

I seem to remember that old versions of M$ Word (I do not know for recent versions because I have not used it for a decade at least) has a provision to "lock" the current style: the end of paragraph would be typed as "Enter" + some modifier key (I don't remember which).

In LO, according to the documentation, we have:

  • Enter: standard end of paragraph, swithing to Next Style if any
  • Shift + Enter: new line (does not cause end of paragraph)
  • Control + Enter: page break
  • Control + Shift + Enter: column break
  • Alt + Enter: new paragraph without numbering (same base style)

There is no combination for "same paragraph style" or, at least, I did not find it.

Is there a key combination with "Enter" to open a new paragraph with the same style as the current one (overriding the Next Style property of the paragraph style definition)?

This would avoid to grasp the mouse to do the formatting and come back to the keyboard (or equivalent manipulation).