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Template and Outline numbering

I use templates to give a set of documents the same look and feel and this is great.

Recently, I fancied to "improve" the aesthetics of chapter headings, namely inserting characters before and after the chapter number (Tools->Outline Numbering... , Numbering tab, Separator fields Before and After).

I modified the definition of Tools->Outline Numbering in the template, performed the magic stance to enable the template in the new version and opened a document to check the effect. During the open, I was asked if I wanted to update the styles, which confirmed that the new version of the template was active.

But, to my surprise, the document Tools->Outline Numbering definition was not changed.

Are Tools->Outline Numbering , Line Numbering... and Footnotes/Endnotes... global settings saved in a template?

In my opinion, they just are global styles or accessories to other styles, such as Heading x, and should be saved in a template. Is this a bug or a mistake of mine?