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Libreoffice 5, crashes or takes a long time to come out saving

Dear all I'm working with a book created with Libreoffice 5, which has 1,751kb in size, and performs many operations using various functions. My problem is that when I say save, it responds in one of the following ways. Sometimes it save, but it takes 5 minutes o more. Most often it is blocked and you have to close it and retrieve it later (this is what happens most times). I have tested with a computer that has installed LinusMint17 (32bit), with another one that has installed LinuxMint18 (64bit), and in a partition where I have Windows7 installed. In the Windows 7 partition, it does not crash, and it takes less time to save, although while recording a message that says "No response" and appears and disappears. What could be the problem?. Best regards