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Replace One of 2 Words in Calc

Hi everybody,

I have more than about 30000 cells with HTML codes and other stuffs. I want to remove all of the contents of each cells before 2 tags. for example, this is a sample of a cell:

...<UN> ... <VI> ... <UN> ... <UN> ... <VI> ...

but another cell looks like this :

...<VI> ... <VI> ... <UN> ... <VI> ... <UN> ...

I want to remove all of the contents before <UN> and <VI> separately for each cell, and it depends on which one comes first. I want Calc search from the beginning of a cell and look for one of these 2 tags, and would stop searching when one of them appeared and remove before of it whether it is <UN> or <VI> and go for next cell, do the same and so on ... .

I know that with the code ^.*?<VI> and replace it with nothing I can remove all of the codes before <VI> but it doesn't help. Because in many cells <UN> is the first tag and <VI> comes after that and vice versa. And it's obvious I don't want to miss any of them.

I would appreciate your input in advance.