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windows 10 update libre office fails to launch

After update to Windows 10, version 1703, on 13 MAY Libre Office will not launch. OS WIN 10 64 bit LO version: 5.2.7 and 5.3.3 shows same behaviour. Trying to run in safe mode does not work. Have tried uninstall and re-install, reboot etc.

Executing directly from exefile or from short cuts makes no difference. In the joblist two process are running soffice.exe and soffice.bin. Soffice bin is consistently using roughly 30% of the processor capacity, soffice exe 0% If I try to execute by double clkicking e.g, a libreOffice calc file two new soffice.exe and soffice.bin processes are launched and a scalc.exe on top. The two soffice.bin processes are showing identical usage of processor capacity. So the good news: The behaviour is repeatable....... Now what to do: Roll back WIN 10 update?? Cheers