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A hopefully very easy question

Hi everyone

I have to prepare an exam sheet for the teachers of a particular course (600+ students), and I have no experience with LibreOffice Calc whatsoever. So I hope that this is a very easy question.

At the moment my document contains the students names in column A, and grades from different assignments in column B. They have handed in 7 assignment, which means that in column A, the first students name is in cell A1 to A7 with the grades from each assignment in B1 to B7, the second students name is in A8 to A14 with grades in B8 to B14, etc.

What I want is, that the first students name only appears in cell A1 and the grades would be in B1 to H1, the second students name should be in cell A2 and the grades in B2 to H2, etc. Is there any clever way to do this? Due to the large amount of students, I would very much prefer not to have to repeat the same command 600+ times.

I would very much appreciate any help you people out there can give me!

Best regards, - Jamie Gabe