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If you switched from Word to Writer, how do you handle your old .doc files and new .odt files?

I recently started using LibreOffice Writer and like it better than my old Word 2000.

My document filing method for umpteen years is that I have a "WinWord" folder that contains a lot of sub-folders for my different categories. They are all filled with umpteen Word 2000 .doc files. Nothing fancy, just my own writings on how I did things, letters to friends or businesses, and such. I rarely need to send a .doc file to others.

If you switched from Word to Writer, did you just use your existing Word folders and mix your new .odt files with the existing .doc files? Or did you create a new folder for your LibreOffice files and keep your .odt files separate from your old .doc files?

Trying to figure out a good filing strategy before I get too far in to using LibreOffice Writer.