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[LO Draw] Why do I have to use text anchors instead of Paragraph?

Using LibreOffice Draw 5.3, I'm designing a set of screens with some text alignment in mind. But when I click endlessly on Align Center, Align Right or even Align Justify from the toolbar it doesn't work. I also opened the whole Paragraph dialog and changing the options there did nothing to put it to the right of the textbox, or even in the middle or bottom edges of it.

I did settle with the problem, but I had to align everything with arrow keys just to get it looking right. That is, until I found the use for Format > Text, a separate dialog where the anchors actually control where the text goes. Fortunately, the middle anchors finally gave me what I wanted.

It would have been easier if that Text dialog was part of the Paragraph one. If that doesn't make sense at least have the text anchor default to the mid-center one. For usability's sake.