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Base Query won't run in split

A query that runs in an embedded database won't run in the split database (actually it ran a couple of times, but won't now??) The error is "The data content could not be loaded. User lacks privilege or object not found: gap_ends_at". I compared the SQL from both the embedded and split queries and they are exactly the same as best as I can see. Any help will be appreciated. The SQL is:

SELECT ( "t1"."MemberID" + 1 ) AS "gap_starts_at", ( SELECT MIN( "t3"."MemberID" ) - 1 FROM "MemberMaster" "t3" WHERE "t3"."MemberID" > "t1"."MemberID" ) AS "gap_ends_at" FROM "MemberMaster" "t1" WHERE NOT EXISTS ( SELECT "t2"."MemberID" FROM "MemberMaster" "t2" WHERE "t2"."MemberID" = "t1"."MemberID" + 1 ) HAVING "gap_ends_at" IS NOT NULL