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Spreadsheets created in “Open Office” with Comments shown

A “Comment” attached to a specific cell of a spreadsheet that was originally created in Open Office, “.odf” format, when opened in “LibreOffice”, has its pointer moved to Cell A1 (or possibly just the top left corner of the spreadsheet - it is difficult to be certain where the arrow is pointing except to the top left corner). For example: a comment originally attached to “Cell g34” shows the red dot in the correct position, but the pointer and line and text extend to “A1”. This happens when I “mouse over” the subject cell but does not appear to be related to any other particular action.This has happened on several different spreadsheets and with different cells and comments. All the affected spreadsheets have many comments: sometimes, only one comment is affected, sometimes several. If the file is saved, closed and re-opened, the comment appears to revert to the correct position.