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how to synchronize words in Libre Writer

I'm writing a document that has many images. I'm labeling each image as "Figure-x" where I'm manually incrementing x.

EXAMPLE OF FIGURES AND TEXT IN THE DOCUMENT: Figure-2: ... (Image for figure-2) ... In the text I say something like "Figure-2 is the design size layout for ....."

Later in the document I have: Figure-3: ... (Image for Figure-3) ... I might say "Figure-3 shows the best way to ....."

You get the idea.

WHAT I WANT TO DO: I want to synchronize the label "Figure-2" to the all of the "Figure-2" references in the text. and synchronize the label for "Figure-3" to all of the references to "Figure-3" in the text.

Later on, I might want to move (Figure-3 and its accompanying text) before (Figure-2 and its accompanying text). When I do that, I'll change the label For Figure-3 to Figure-2 -and- change the label for Figure-2 to Figure-3.

I want all references in the text for Figure-2 to change to Figure-3 since the label for the image was changed to Figure-3. Similar for Figure-2.

Is this possible in Libre Writer? I'm using version (x64).