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Just installed version from older version 3.4?? JRE missing

I was using an old version (3.4??) of libre office and just installed version When I try to use base to access my embedded database I get the message "The connection to the data source 'xxxx' could not be established. No java installation can be found. Please check your installation.

I am running Windows 10. The box is ticked for 'use a java Runtime Environment' but there are no Java versions listed. I am not sure why no versions appear as I was using a very old java version and it had appeared along with many other versions. I'm not sure why all the versions I have do not appear. From investigating other topics I believe I need to install a more current version but am not sure what version, whether it is supposed to be JRE or JDK, where to download from, how to add it to Libre Office?