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Different header on second page but same footer


while I appreciate the open source effort, I have to say that the simple task of having a different header on the second page of a document while maintaining the same footer is mind-numbingly ridiculous.

OK, first I simply tried what normal people would intuitively do and delete the header on page 2. But no sir. The content may be gone, but the empty space remains.

Then, after some googling I found the (apparent) style solution. First off, seriously? If I just want to change the header in 1 single document on 1 single page I really need to define a whole new style? I mean at this rate I will have 100 styles defined within the year. But OK, open source ... Ommm .. one deep breath and on we go. So let's waste 10 minutes to create a style. So I do the "F11 -> left click on "Default Style" -> New -> Insert Manual break with style" dance, but no sir. While the header is indeed gone on page 2, the page 2 footer is now gone as well (although I had selected to keep it when creating the style). So although I seem to have created my new style starting as a copy from the default, it seems that I didn't after all. I mean seriously who cooked this up?

So then, intuitive as I am, I simply copy-paste the footer from page 1 onto page 2, but once again, no sir. Neither the formatting nor the spacing to the text are the same as on page 1. So I click on properties of my page 1 footer, manually copy-paste all the little centimeter numbers (I mean REALLY?!? - in 2018 I am manually copying values here?!?) into the properties of my page 2 footer ... but wait ... the 1cm space around my page 2 footer remains. So while I approach my 2nd heart attack and am about ready to uninstall this crap and pay Microsoft whatever it is they are asking, my wife suggested I see if someone else has had some luck with this truly herculean task.

Please, I beg you ... kill me now or tell me how to remove my header from page 2!