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Significant lag, frequent crashes in Ubuntu 18.04

Recently updated to Ubuntu 18.04, which included an upgrade to LibreOffice I'm experiencing significant lag for operations including opening a new document, saving a document, inserting a comment, and changing page view. Typing itself typically works fine, but if I type during the lag there is a delay before the typing is registered, and then it registers the keystrokes seemingly at random rather than in the order I typed them, so I get gibberishy anagrams of the words I actually typed. Lately the lag has been lasting longer, and more and more frequently LibreOffice becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit.

I chiefly use Writer and Calc, and issue occurs in both.

I have tried rebooting, uninstalling/reinstalling, installing LibreOffice from the Ubuntu software center, and downgrading to Problem persists regardless.

No other programs are behaving oddly. This problem did not emerge immediately upon updating to Ubuntu 18.04, but my best guess is it's interacting negatively with something that wasn't there before...I just don't have any idea what.