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Base PostgreSQL Autogenerate PKEY Problems

Hi all,

Base connected to a PostgreSQL backend has problems submitting forms for tables that have a backend auto generated value, like SERIAL, BIGSERIAL, or uuid_generate_v1(). This seems to be a problem that has been around since the dawn of time. I found a bug report 60643 describing this as a driver based problem.

I have a large/complicated PostgreSQL database that will use UUID extensively and I would really like to use LibreOffice Base since my users can easily create data entry forms. Since there will be some disconnected editing and multi databases merging I cannot eliminate the UUID primary keys most of the time.

Is there a work around this problem yet? Is it possible to put a PostgreSQL function (like "uuid_generate_v1()" or "NextVal(theserialfunctionname)" ) in a form control's default value?

regards, Phil