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How to filter days of the week (no date) ascending by day (not alphabetically)

Hello. We are a multicultural community radio station based in Adelaide, South Australia. I hope you can help...

In a spreadsheet, I am using the cell format DDD HH:MM (example: Mon 12:00 ; Tue 13:30 ; etc...) for one column. That's the day and time a programme is going to air. It is the same every week so there isn't a specific date.

I have applied a filter over all the columns of that document and it works very well with the other columns, but when I select "ascending" in this column, it groups the days together but it does so alphabetically (Fri; Mon; Sat; etc...) instead of the order of the days (Mon; Tue; Wed; etc...).

With the other columns of this spreadsheet, the ascending function works well (programme name; language; etc..), so we can look at programmes alphabetically or languages grouped together alphabetically.

But how can I make the "day time" column order itself by day, not alphabetically?

Thank you!!