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I am unable to open any of my files.

I have been using LibreOffice on Windows 10 for several years now without any problems. But yesterday I was writing a new document and my screen locked up I had to switch off my computer manually so I was unable to save the document. When I restarted the computer, LibreOffice reinstated the document but when I went to open it, I was unable to. I now have the same problem with all my files (ODT). I have uninstalled LibreOffice and reloaded it to see if that would fix the problem but to no avail. If I click on a file and open it the LibreOffice logo flashes up and it looks like it tries to open the document but then the logo just disappears. I have just had a Windows 10 update but I don't think it as anything to do with the problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance