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Data Sources in Base - Cannot view them.

I am running Ubuntu and LibreOffice I am trying to create a database in Base that links to spreadsheet in Calc. That part was easy. But I need to take data from the Calc sheet and add some of it to other tables in Base.

But when I create a new Base database, I am never able to see the View>Data Sources. I have tried F4. I also manually added Data Sources under my View menu drop down. An entry for Data sources now appears under View>Data Sources. But it is grayed out and won't let me click.

Overall, my objective is to have a Base database which links to a Calc spreadsheet. I will update the spreadsheet with certain data and save it. This data only works in spreadsheet so I can't do it direct into calc. I will later run the Base database and will use an update query to selectively add some of the new data from Calc to other records within other Base tables. I am not trying to use Base to change data in Calc, only to get data from Calc.

I used to to this exact same thing in Access and it was very easy using "linked" tables which were directly linked to an xls file.

But in Base, if I link to a Calc spreadsheet there are two problems: 1) When I create a database (DBS_A) linked to Calc, this database will now not let me add any other data tables within that database. So it only has the linked tables to Calc. So I can query these, but i cannot use that data to add to other tables.

2) To get around this, I have been trying to create a 2nd database (DBS_B), to perhaps link to DBS_A which links to Calc spreadsheet. But because I am unable to view the Data Sources, I can't link to the other Base database.

A few points: a) The databases are all registered and I can see them under Tools>Options. b) the issues feels like it is some type of configuration problem which is just not letting me view any data sources c) when I am in calc I can view all data sources. the ability is there, and I can see the registered databases that I have created.

I am really stuck here. Any help would be much appreciated !