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Is there a way to share common content across multiple documents?

I want to design templates for a few different types of documents - let's say one is an FAQ, and one is a Guide, and one is a Pamphlet. The documents are for collateral for a product.Between these different types of documents, there's some shared information - maybe the name of the product the document is written about, the description of the product, some contact information / URLs regarding it.

I'm wondering if there is a way so that these multiple templates could share that common information. So say when the URL for the product changes, I could update it in one place rather than update it across all templates.

Does anybody know if something like that is possible with LibreOffice? would it involve macros or something like that? Could LibreOffice pull in the values for specific content in each of the templates from an external file? How would you solve this with LibreOffice?