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How do I create spreadsheet layouts in Base report builder?

I went to create Report using design view and changed the Report Output format to ODF spreadsheet but I cannot get the spreadsheet to fill with values, all it does is list employee names for me but will not list any of the values tied to those names even though I put those fields under "Details" along with the employee name fields.

The query this is based on looks for a date parameter input - this seems to be what is also preventing me from creating the query as a view which I could then drag and drop into a spreadsheet (please correct me if I am wrong - when I do this and I look at my view table the field names are there but the data is blank). I would rather have the report do the spreadsheet but I am willing to try any angle...

Am I missing something? Or is this another one of those things that just doesn't work in Report Builder even though it looks like it is an available option?