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How can I export a pdf which shows changes?

Preamble: I need to send somebody a copy of a large document (for them to view), with changes shown. I've used edit -> changes -> record, and the changes show up fine in libreoffice, but I can't send it in odt format (the document won't open in microsoft office).

Problem: Converting to microsoft word format (.docx) doesn't work, (.doc) works fine except most of the images won't show, so what I'd really like to do is convert to pdf. When I convert to pdf, it doesn't show the changes.

Reading: All I can find is this previous question:

Is python uno the only way of doing it? Is it the best way?

I've never heard of python uno, and can't find any obviously good tutorials online. If python uno is the best way to go, does anybody know how to do it/ where I should look for a solution/ where I should look for information so I can write a solution?