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copy entire column automatically

So I have Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.

Sheet 1 will have a certain number of columns and an unknown number of rows. I need to copy certain columns over to Sheet 2. So I go to sheet 2 and select A1 and type "=Sheet1.A1" and hit enter. Then I can drag that down to copy that formula into cells below.

My question is how can I automate that? I am dealing with dozens of columns and I don't know how far down they go. In Google sheets you can do =arrayformula(if('Sheet 1'!A1:A,'Sheet 1'!A1:A,"")) which copies whatever is in sheet 1 A1 to Sheet 2 A1 or leaves it blank if it is blank, and it continues to the end of your rows automagically. Does Calc have anything analogous to that?