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Configure spacing between list elements

Hi everyone,

I think my target is not very ambitious, though I simply can't find a solution myself. Hopefully someone of you can help me.

In Writer, I would like to configure the the space between list elements (currently bulleted list in my case, but should be same for numbered lists). I do not want to do this via Format -> Paragraph -> Spacing -> Above Paragraph, because I would like to do this for all my lists. But I tried it to see if this was the right setting to play with and it definitely works for individual entries. So I tried to find the correct Style to define the "spacing above paragraph", but none of them work, except "Default Style" (which, of course, I don't want to change). All others, viz. List, List 1, List 1 Start/Cont./End, List 2, ..., List Contents, List Heading, ..., didn't have any effect at all! Very surprising ...

I can't believe, that this is so uncommon to do, but using styles to define that, I gave up now. Does someone have a clue for me?

Thanks a lot in advance! Regards, 0fficer