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Calc dynamic drop down list?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to create a dynamic drop down list in Calc?

I will try to explain what I mean. I want to create a spreadsheet and every cell in column A (except A1) should contain a drop down list which contains all of the values that have been previously entered in column A.

 2 red
 3 red
 4 blue

As you see there are 2 different values in column A: red and blue. Imagine that at first the spreadsheet was empty. In cell A2 I then manually typed "red". The value "red" automatically became part of the drop down list. In cell A3 instead of typing I could now use the drop down list to select the value "red". In cell A4 I manually typed "blue". In cell A5 I could use the drop down list (which now contained "blue" and "red") to select the appropriate value.

Is it possible to create something like that? Preferably without any "shadow" tables?