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Ask Your Question 0 Conditional Counting Using Multiple Columns where one condition is Not Blank and the other is Blank

I have a Calc spreadsheet where two columns may or may not contain a value. If the first column contains a value, I want to count the second column if it is blank. I have been working with the COUNTIFS function, but I can't seem to get it to work. I tried =COUNTIFS(C2:C203,<>"",D2:D203,"") but I get an Err:510. I tried something like =COUNTIFS(C2:C203,COUNTA(C2:C203),D2:D203,"") but this gives 0 which is not correct. Finally, I tried =COUNTIFS(C2:C203,<>ISBLANK,D2:D203,ISBLANK) with a result of Err:510. The answer for this sheet should be 43. That is column C has 43 non blank entries where the corresponding row entry in column D is blank.