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paper format size is different when printing

After choosing/making a paper size of "user" 3 x 5 inches & composing the text to fit into it, when printing, it always ignores my previously selected paper size & shows "3.87 in (#8 (Monarch) Envelope x 7.50 in". Have tried creating a template with my custom "user" size & it is still ignored when actually printing, tho is shows ok in print preview. Also tried the German "FreeOffice" & a couple other such suites. All exhibit the same phenomenon. Looks like the historical code base is the same for all & thus, it has been carried across the several free office suites. Maybe it's buried deep in code? The previously gratis WPS does a print preview & actual print ok - but some say their EULA says, ~, "if created with our product, we then own your work." Hope springs eternal that there is some work around, since am using the latest update,