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Writer: formatting tables with user named styles?

Hi all,

I write documents with many similar tables which follow only very few "templates", say less then 5. What defines a "template" is the number of columns, their widths, the spacing around the table, ..., in short what we find under Table->Table Properties.... The main variant between tables from the same "template" is the number of rows.

When creating a new table, all the parameterization must be manually repeated. It would be nice if the Table->Insert->Table... offered a Style drop-down menu like, for instance, Insert->Manual Break..., provided of course table "templates" can be defined as styles like frames (which seem to me the closest to what i'm looking for).

Content of cell (formatted text, at least) can be set with paragraph and character styles, so that the "inner" appearance is uniform and consistent among the tables.

But the question of maintaining/updating the general "outer" aspect of a table remains open: it is a manual and individual task on every table. With a named table style, a change in a parameter of table properties could be automatically propagated to all tables. This would really ease the task of the editor who tries to give "corporate look" to the document.

I searched this site about this topic and found many related questions. It seems some work is in progress but even in fdo there is very few information about the direction it is taking.

Answers suggest to use Table->AutoFormat... but this does not seem to provide what I need: number and size of columns are not kept in the format. Also, most important for me, the autoformat is not editable (one has to delete and recreate it) which precludes my use as a true-style surrogate.

Is there presently any workaround or should I wait and hope the feature will come in a reasonable feature? (I know development is done by volunteers and I don't blame them for fixing bugs first.)

At least is there any preliminary specification since the definition of a table style can be as varied as there are LO users?