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Why don't recorded macros include the parameters and is there any way round this?

I want to do something which is really straightforward in Excel (and I have Excel 97, so it's been straightforward for 20 years!) but which seems to be impossible with Libreoffice Calc: record a macro and play it back. And a very simple macro too: just hide three columns (so, I record the following actions: select columns B & C, then right-click and "Hide") I can record the macro fine, but when I play it back it does nothing: looking at the macro code I can see this:

dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:HideColumn", "", 0, Array())

Presumably I could put the appropriate column names somewhere in the parameters there, but I cannot anywhere find some straightforward documentation which tells me what these parameters should look like. I'ld be grateful if someone could tell me either (preferably) how to get parameters into recorded macros, or (alternatively) where to find some simple documentation that would show me what these parameters should look like.

Incredible that Libreoffice is incapable of doing something simple that Excel could do 20 years ago, no?