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Can't install Mendeley plugin

Hi everyone,

Could anyone help me with the stupid problem: I can't install the plugin cause I don't have the option "Install LibreOffice plugin" in my Mendeley Desktop. According to this instruction ( I should see the option "Install LibreOffice Plugin", but I have only the three: Invite Colleagues, Install Web Importer, Check for duplicates... and no more. Seems, my Mendeley don't know that I have LibreOffice on my laptop. How to let them know about each other? I'm not sure, but on the basis of overall stability of LibreOffice I think that the problem connected to the software. Seems, Mendeley works well.. Both the software is up to date: Mendeley Desktop 1.17.6 LibreOffice Vanilla Version: macOS Sierra 10.12.2

Please, send me in proper direction (not to hell, please :-) with my attempts to fix the problem.