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COUNTIF criteria evaluation - function applied on range cells?

My friend asked me for help and we only found a solution we don't like 100%.

Problem: I have a table with angle values in degrees (0, 10, 20, ..., 180) - that is range A2:A20. I want to use COUNTIF to tell me, how many of these have SIN > 0,95.

My solution: In column B I use RADIANS to convert degrees to radians. In column C I calculate the SIN value. Then I can write COUNTIF(C2:C20;">0,95"). I don't like this solution because I had to add two extra columns that hold values I don't need to see, I only have them so that COUNTIF can tell me what I need.

image description

Anything like this? I was hoping for something like this:

  • COUNTIF(SIN(RADIANS(A2:A20)); "> 0,95") or better
  • COUNTIF(A2:A20; "SIN(RADIANS(value))>0,95")

The "value" would be the value of the evaluated cell. In ">0,95" you can feel this keyword... "value > 0,95"... but not having it means not being able to apply functions to it.

Is there a better solution to my problem?