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Does LibreOffice snoop on users' documents? really?

Hello community. I'm a huge fan of LibreOffice.

Today I recommended my friend Chris to install LibreOffice, but surprisingly he instead told me to uninstall LibreOffice, he told me that Libreoffice is not good for privacy, it snoops on users' documents, and sends these documents (and keystrokes, in short anything that we type) to their servers where employees or creators can see your documents, he said that LibreOffice collects huge amount of telemetry, that's why he don't like it. He even said that he has seen great number of outbound requests being made, where data was uploaded to some unknown servers! When I told him that I don't believe him, he said he is one of the best programmars and knows his stuff! He said he is very experienced!

So dear users, what's going on here? what's the truth? I'm not a programmer and I don't know the tech stuff.