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Synchronize style sheets across documents

I have a semi-complicated situation. An author that wants to use 1 set of styles while he is editing (larger font because of vision problems), and then a master style sheet (with smaller fonts) in the master document for when we go hardcopy / EPUB. At first glance this is fairly straightforward--1 template for the chapters, master with same style names for publishing.

He is a, what would call him?, rogue author (he's a 75-year-old MD, they seem to have this problem ... a lot). He has a vague understanding of styles. When he makes a change to a style in 1 of his 44 chapters (1 per file and counting) he wants it to automagically be usable/viewable in all of the others. Note: this is not the master style sheet, which is only in the master document and which only I have access to.

Is there any way that when he saves (e.g.) chapter 43 (with changed editing styles) that all of the others will have their styles updated? If the style sheet was a reference then this would be straightforward, but I can't find that in the docs. Maybe I'm using the wrong vocab for the search.