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Why doen't Mike Kaganski understand?

My name is Mike, too. I do not use Explorer. Firefox. I did not get an answer quickly. If someone would place some text explaining that this is an all-volunteer organization and if I download, I am on my own, I would ignore you. You all are bringing problems on yourselves. The other user sent me a 'fix' file as an answer. That did not answer the question because that file has the same extension msi (as the original). Which will not install with my Win10. That was my question, why not use the 20 yr standard? Sending another file that won't install on my 4 month old HP Laptop is not an answer. Saying I am a liar instead of admitting that Install Wizard will not recognize .msi wastes my time as well. At Libre website, the count was running 20,000 questions, 9700 unanswered. That is a poor measure of success. I am not interested in this unproven product. RE: Tags, I said you have people that assign tags instead of giving answers, never said I condone tags. For 20 years, there has been a perfect process of sending an .exe file to scan a computer, go to a server and download a software app. Libre seems to reinvent the wheel. I read a news article that said Libre was free software that worked like Word & Excel. Instead, it is a window into a trollish hellhole of ineffiency and egotism. now I must Tag A Keyword or Key a Tagword to post???