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How to create 'full page' reports?


For lack of a better term, I'm trying to figure out how to build 'full page reports' - rather than nice looking spreadsheets (sorry, that's a harsh way to refer to standard reports...).

Here's our use case:

We are developing 'reports' using Microsoft Publisher that are summaries of demographic and school changes based on data we have created that is stored in PostgreSQL.

I'd like to use LIbreOffice Reports to create a single (or multiple) page report for each Neighborhood (based on NBHD_ID), so each page would have the neighborhood name at the top, and various data points from the PGSQL table throughout the page (we'd love to pull in map images created in QGIS that are named by NBHD_ID as well, and of course charts).

What I can't figure out is how to break each page of a report down to an individual NBHD_ID and the corresponding data elements that are associated with that ID - instead, I can only see how to create (again I'm sorry) fancy looking spreadsheets.

Our BI team uses SQL Server Reporting Services to create multi-page reports for each school (example), and I'm wondering if the same type of report can be built using LibreOffice.

Many thanks for any insight!

-Matthew Baker
Denver Public Schools
Denver, CO, USA