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Drop down box and database range question


I'll start by saying I don't have a lot of experience so please forgive me if this is simple and I just haven't figured out how to search a solution for my problem.

I have a cell in sheet 1 (A1) set up as a drop box linked to a data range in sheet 2. For example the drop box lists computer models (Dell, Lenovo, Acer etc.) I also have data ranges set in sheet 2 for all the models from each manufacturer.

Is there a way to set the next cell (B1) to display a drop down of the data set relating to the selected model? For example if I were to select "Dell" from the drop down in A1 the drop down in B2 would show the data set for Dell and if I changed A1 to "Acer" it would change the B1 drop down to the data set for the Acer models.

I hope this makes sense, I guess I would call it a filter but in drop down menu form. The over all goal is to be able to select Make then Type then Model then specs. If I were to use one drop down for all models it would be hundreds of lines long and efficient.

Am I asking too much?

Thanks in advance.