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One simple task; count terms in a series to produce a list of popular tags. Two hours later..


Some of these work. But then I have to copy the values and apparently I have to do this over 9301 times for every field because the autocalculate in the bottom-right of the cell seems to behave differently from Open Office. I can't even check this easily, because when I try to send the data over, Libre Office seems to think I need it placed as a bitmap.

So, being stuck with LO, I tried searching existing answers, but somehow they're all tangential. One particularly deranged answer is a GIF movie. Slightly related, but the text entry box here is slightly narrower than the preview box, so if you want to do any horizontal formatting you're out of luck because the lines break, as seen above.

Originally the project was a database, but it had to be converted to a speadsheet for similar reasons regarding data access and functions not working as expected. Should I convert it to a writer document and count the terms individually with a notepad and tally, or is there some way to make this suite multiply my labor after all?

Thanks for your attention.