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Does ADDRESS function in Calc work within other functions?

I have not been using LO Calc very long, so this is probably a dumb question. I have been trying to use spreadsheet functions to complete a project for someone and I need to have Calc functions reference another cell from the cell that the formula is in. For example, I can use =OFFSET(A4,-1,5) to get a value stored 1 row up and 5 columns over from cell A4.

I can use =(ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN(),4)) to return the cell address that the function is in.

However, I can't use the ADDRESS function within the OFFSET function to get the current cell the OFFSET function is in to get the same result, such as =OFFSET((ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN(),4)),-1,5).

Does ADDRESS not play well with others, or am I doing something wrong?