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libre office base general

I discovered Libre Office Base. My background in ms access helped me to jump in it, the structure and functionality are more or less the same (table, forms, q and reports and programming with VBA). But of course, there are differences.

  1. ms access got a performance problem ones you reached many records of do query intensive work. I think Libre Office tackled this. What is the database and is it unlimited?

  2. I know you can search for an explanation online in Libre Office help, is there not a good handbook on Libre Office Base, also VBA?

  3. Is Base work in progress? eg. In a table design, I like to include a row, but he jumps to the last record. I prefer an order myself, in access this was possible.

I am a huge fan of Libre Office. Great Work! 1. Quality Software 2. No Cost 3. You don't have to rent it like Photoshop. You can get a personal copy of it.