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In the last week - I lost my ability to print from LibreOffice

Running Windows 7 64Bit...

This has worked for as long as I can remember - but about a week ago, it suddenly started giving me issues. When I try to print via File>Print or the tool bar button, LibreOffice freezes - and I have to "End Task" it to continue (then recover whatever document / spreadsheet I had open). I have restarted my PC - and still have the same issues. Installed 6.2.4 and 6.2.5 - still same issue. Strange thing is - I CAN do a Print Preview - but - even from that screen, if I try to print, it fails and freezes LibreOffice. I have tried several different documents / spreadsheets - same results. HOWEVER - I CAN print a test page to both of my printers - AND - I CAN print from other Windows applications - WordPad, Chrome and other browsers, NotePad, Printer Test Page, etc - it only seems to be LibreOffice that is the problem.

I checked to be sure that my Temp folder exists, and there is plenty of free space on my hard drive where the Temp environment variable points to - and "CD %temp%" DOES change to a valid folder / path (I have had issues in the past printing, especially larger documents, when the temp folder was missing / invalid).

Anyway - the only thing I haven't done yet is uninstall / reinstall - I would like to avoid that if possible. Thank you in advance for any feedback and/or suggestions you mght have out there...thanks!