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Writer: Can the List styles be linked?

I am trying to base 'List 1 Start', '-Cont.' and '-End' on "List 1" definition so that I can experiment with the best-looking margins in my document. The styles are made 'linked' to "List 1" in the Organizer tab. It works as long as the subordinate styles are exact equivalent to "List 1".

Whenever any distance is changed in Indents & Spacing tab (e.g. "List 1 Cont." has no bullet and 'First line indent' set to 0), the subordinate styles seem to be de facto unlinked (they are still linked to "List 1", but any change in "List 1" does not propagate to the unmodified fields, e.g. 'Before text indent').

The same is true if I play with "Numbering 1".

I played also with the "Heading" family and cascading happens normally.

Since the "List x" are standard built-in styles, is there any restriction on the linking relationship? Is it specific to the list style category?

I noticed in the XML, these styles have an attribute style:class="list".

If that can be a lead, I also noticed that eventhough a single parameter was changed, all parameters of the 'Indents & Spacing' tab are dumped in the <style:paragraph-properties> XML element.

Does it mean that the "cascading quantum" is a style definition tab, not the individual field?

How can I work around this shortcoming?