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Some help with a function code

Hey everyone. I'm trying to learn how to use LibreOffice a bit better, and also need some coding for something I'm working on.

Basically what I'm hoping for is a...

If a cell in Column A has X in it, then insert "text" with the value of the information in the cell of Column B and C that is in the SAME ROW at specified points...

An example may help:

Right now, it looks like |TBA |2 |4 |

With TBA in column A, 2 in B, and 4 and C.

I want a formula that will see that Column A has TBA, and change it to : Tap Break-in Active from 2 to 4 o'clock.

The value of column B and C changes with every row, so it should only apply to the cell that's in the same row.

If this doesn't make sense, I'll explain more.