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How to change the distance between anchor and image on calc

Hi All, I have pasted some image on a Calc spreadsheet and I want to anchor those image to specific cell, but if I move the image the anchored cell changes. How can I freely move the image on spreadsheet with without changing the cell where the image is anchored to?

Actual behavior: I paste an image to the cell "D5", when I move the image up the anchor move to the image to "D2"

Desired/Expected behavior: I paste an image to the cell "D5", I move the image up and the anchor does't move

My goal is to be able to hide/show image only when certain cell are hidden/visible. So, I thought, to anchor image to a fixed cell, in this way when I hide/show certain cells the image anchored to them become hidden/visible. The only problem is that I cannot move image around otherwise the anchored cell change.

Any idea?