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Creating a form for records in a 1-n link table in Base

I'm trying to create a form in Base, but I'm having some struggles.

I know how to create basic forms for tables and how to make a form for multiple tables.
But I'm having no luck creating a form following the following requirements:

I have 3 tables; Recipes, Ingredients and a link table Recipe_Ingredients.
The link table is 1-n, meaning a recipe can have multiple ingredients.
The link table also has a field (int) to specify the amount of the ingredient.

The form should allow the user to pick a recipe from a list box, show all the ingredients from the recipe plus their amount AND the user should be able to add/remove/adjust the ingredients.

I've been messing around all day trying to get this to work, but no amount of searching has lead me to any instructions for my situation.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction.