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Find and Find Replace in Spreadsheet

I supposed someone will tell me I was supposed to use the Database set up for what I am doing and then I wouldn't have this issue. That would be too late, and the DB was not intuitive enough for me to try it. (Frankly the last DB I almost liked was MS 2003 and it could not meet my needs in using multiple foreign scripts.) I used the spread sheet to do comparative analysis of 7 different cultural approaches to divine entities. However, my listings are getting into the hundreds, and I would like to have hit <ctrl> F and gone looking for a specific word. That did not work. I looked in the menus to see if there was something that leaped out and said,"Here I am! Use me to find the word for which you look." I saw nothing. By the time I find out if anyone looked at this I will already have done my search the old fashioned way. So, I made this post to suggest that if there is a Find function in the DB it needs hooked up to the same thing the world is used to using (ie. <ctrl> F and <ctrl> H). If there isn't then maybe one would be useful to more than just me. The tag requirements for posting make no sense to me either - none of them say Spreadsheet. The only tag that is appropriate is Find and it apparently won't take that.