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Why are saved documents listed as spreadsheets?

All of the documents I have created with LO Writer are suddenly listed in the "My Documents" folder as Open Office spreadsheets, even though I am no longer using OO and have never used OO Calc or LO Calc. Is it possible that Windows 10 somehow converted text files to spreadsheets? I don't know what else has changed on my computer that would explain this. I always save my documents with the .rtf extension (unless I forget and accept the default .odt without thinking). Even more perplexing: some documents still open as text files even though they are listed as spreadsheets. I never know what to expect when I open a document. Can I convert spreadsheets back to text files, as much trouble as that might be? (NOTE: I do have some documents listed with the .doc extension, which open correctly as text files, even though I have never used Microsoft Word. Maybe these are files I inherited from other people.)