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Array formula not working

We have a card playing club with 6 tournaments per year. The rank in each tournament is entered into the attached table. (How to attach it? Searching "attach image" provides no answer). The two worst of the six results are dropped and only four are counted for the final Points score in column C. The two grey shaded results for each player are omitted.

The formula in Excel to do this used to be {=SUM(SMALL(D2:I2,{1,2,3,4}))} entered with Ctrl-Shift-Enter. Have copied this formula into Libre Office Calc, but it's not working. Have tried many variations after studying the Array formula guidelines, but none worked. What is the correct formula to calculate the best (lowest) four results out of six for each player? Once it is entered in the first row, can it be pulled down to the end of the table? Are there basic differences between Excel and Libre formulas? Thank you.